Implants are the modern way to naturally and permanently replace a missing tooth, or multiple teeth. Implants can also be used to securely anchor partials and full dentures. Learn more about how Dr. Denton can help you with dental implants.

Crown & Bridge

Crowns can restore broken down teeth to their natural beauty and function. Linked together, crowns can form a bridge permanently replacing missing teeth, giving you back a healthy, natural smile.


Replace chips, discoloration, gaps and so much more with veneers. They are durable and a natural solution to make your smile beautiful again.


You deserve a smile that not only looks great, but has full functionality. We offer other restorative services including fillings, dentures and more!


A beautiful smile isn’t as far away as you might think. We offer cosmetic services including implants, whitening, and more!

Preventative Care

Our number one concern is your overall health. The most effective way for us to identify, and help prevent, potential problems is by seeing you twice a year for routine cleanings. Regular visits help to maintain good oral health.