Restorative Dentistry

We pride ourselves on preventive, conservative dentistry. However, there are times when tooth decay or gum disease must be treated.

Dentistry has advanced a great deal over the years, both in methods and materials.  Treatments that were once considered “scary” or “intrusive” are now more comfortable, and easy to perform. The result, for you, is a pain free, beautiful smile!  


Crowns are beautiful, lifelike, restorations that repair and rebuild teeth that are too broken down to be restored with fillings. Thanks to modern materials, and our world class lab, today’s crowns are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Whether you need one tooth restored or want a complete cosmetic makeover, your smile will look natural and beautiful with our crowns. To learn more about crowns, click here.


Crowns can be linked together to form a dental bridge, which replaces one or more missing teeth. A bridge is permanently bonded to the supporting teeth, restoring both function and beauty to your smile.  If you currently wear a removable partial, a bridge may be a better solution for you. To learn more about bridges, click here.


Fillings are used to repair areas of decay or defect that are not large enough to require a crown. Unlike the dark gray metal fillings of the past, today’s fillings are matched to the color of your


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